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Born in 1994, I grew up obsessed with Lions and African wildlife. The colours, sounds and those breathtaking landscapes.

I live in a small village outside of Lancaster in the North West of England, surrounded by rivers, farm and woodland and although I enjoy being out in our countryside, it doesn't compare to where feels most familiar.

Wildlife photography came relatively late to me. It wasn't until 2019, after photographing butterflies in the garden that the bug took hold. Having worked as a pet & equine photographer for 3 years, I was plunged into the most addictive, frustrating and connecting genre which has lead me to delve deeper into how to 'get back to nature'.

With an interest in conservation and animal welfare issues; including the illegal trade, canned hunting, and the human impact on the natural world, I know I need my work to make a difference. If I can change the life of one animal, then I have done my job.

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